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Shaped Profile Wires

Shaped wires, also known as solid profiles, allow achieving complex geometries and cross-sections. These wires are manufactured from high carbon steel and mild steel wires in Flat, Square, Triangular, Half round and Trapezoidal shapes, as per the customers specific requirements.

The profile of the wires can be adjusted to meet customer's actual needs. Wires can be supplied in annealed and drawn finish. These wires find application in automobile sector for manufacturing of washers, circlips for locking shaft, springs, wiper, arms, blades and kitchen accessories etc.

To improve our processes and methods on a continuing basis we draw samples every day for flat and profile wire of round material these product enjoy very high reputation and quality with our customers.

We stand out from our competitors by offering flexibility in the form of short delivery time and under taking production of smaller quantities as well. In general the wt of each coil varies from 100 kg -250kg.

Round 2mm x 1mm to 13mm x 5mm
(With Round & Sharp edge)
60-90 -Shaped Wire
- Spherodized
Annealed Shaped Wire