Solid Value.

Solid Advantage.

When you work with Competent Forging, you get more than a partner—you get a distinct advantage. That’s because we provide a distinctive array of services to ensure fast, efficient delivery of your parts when you need them the most. At Competent Forging, our team of customer service agents, logistic experts and shop staff add value by –

Learning your business: We can provide industry-leading manufacturing and delivery solutions that meet your unique needs.

Reducing your number of vendors: We offer a wealth of services solutions in-house, so there are fewer vendors, purchase orders and invoices to manage and process.

The Competent Forging Advantage

One Stop Shopping

Consider the value that Competent Forging can add. Since Competent Forging can perform a number of services in house, there are fewer purchase orders and invoices to deal with. With Competent Forging's high quality standards, quality hassles among various vendors can also be eliminated.

Reduced Work in Process

The customer has no inventory investment in forgings while projects are in process.

Reduced Shipping Costs

By providing additional services, Competent Forging can eliminate costly routing and transfer costs. Providing machining services reduces weight and shipping costs.

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