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Product Categories

Range of Product

  • Cold drawn bright bars (Round, Hexagon and other profile sections)
  • Peeled bars
  • Centre less ground bars

Product wise categories

  • Leaded Free Cutting - ENIA (Pb), 12L14
  • Semi Free Cutting Steel - ENIA, EN8M, SAE1144, SAE1215
  • Carbon Steel - EN8, EN8D, EN9, SAE1035, SAE1045, CK45, 45C8, EN32B, ST-70/2 etc
  • Spring Steel - SUP7N, SUP7NV, SAE9254, SUP9, SUP12, SUP12V, SUP11A etc.
  • Alloy Steel - 16MnCr5, 20MnCr5, EN19, SAE4140, SCM415, SCM440, SAE8620, EN24 etc.

Product wise categories
Bright bars are mainly going for various types of auto component applications :

  • Suspension System
  • Shock absorber Assembly system
  • Fuel Injection System
  • Steering System Assembly
  • Engine Components
  • Transmission line components

Bright bars are processed through various type of forming operations, like machinery, punching, slotting, cutting, drilling, knurling. Components are also processed through heat treatments depending on finished components properties.