Why choose Competent Forging Limited over the others?

Industry leading services, designed to meet your needs.


You’ll like doing business with Competent Forging. We do not dictate run quantities or minimum orders as we exist to serve our customers’ requirements, not to dictate them. We have pioneered the fastest set-up times in the industry, allowing us to be responsive to your needs.

Shapes, Sizes, & Materials

Using the flexibility of closed-die hammer forging and several years of experience, we routinely produce parts of complex shapes ranging in size from a few ounces to 100 pounds. We produce parts from carbon, alloy, stainless, high-temperature, and ph steels as well as other materials such as Monel, Inconel, titanium, and aluminum bronze.

Time to Market

We produce dies in-house using the same Pro/Engineer database for forging design, die design, die machining and inspection prints. If you desire a finished machined part, it too will be based on the same database. All this allows a very fast response to your need to create new parts.

Wide Range of Services

We offer forging and die design as well as heat treating, machining, assembling, plating, painting, and material testing


we bring very experienced Forge Team Members to our mission of delivering excellent service to you. Our long term view allows continual reinvestment in our facilities and equipment so that we will be able to provide you the services and capabilities you will need in the future.